Ground-Breaking Research

Functional Neuroimaging

Duke Neuroradiology is dedicated to improving patient care through the use of cutting edge technologies for image analysis. Through our clinical functional MRI program, we are able to localize critical brain areas and pathways involved in speech/language, vision, and motor (such as hand/arm control) functions. This approach provides our colleagues in Neurology and Neurosurgery with critical information tailored to each patient as they plan surgical interventions for conditions such as brain tumors and seizure disorders/epilepsy.

Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Image Analysis

With the Radiology Department’s recent investment in the Duke Center for Artificial Intelligence in Radiology (DAIR), we are solidifying our position as a leader in advanced image analysis for clinical applications. In concert with DAIR, Duke Neuroradiology will build upon existing programs for AI-enhanced diagnosis of dementia syndromes (including Alzheimer disease) and demyelinating diseases (such as multiple sclerosis) to provide better patient care through AI-augmented imaging of the brain, head, neck and spine.