Other Fellowship Information


Fellows are given one afternoon a week of protected academic time. Fellows are expected to use this time for preparation of resident teaching conferences or scientific investigations. Fellows participate in ongoing research projects in the section. Fellows are given additional meeting time and are reimbursed when presenting research at either the Society of Pediatric Radiology (SPR) meeting or at the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) meeting.


Pediatric Radiology Fellows have a shared office for use during academic time. Fellows are provided with a computer with Information Technology support.

Candie Stewart is the secretary for the Pediatric Radiology section, who can provide support for fellows for academic projects.


Fellows are expected to take call with attending backup approximately one week a month. During this week, the fellow acts as the primary resource for the in-house radiology residents for questions regarding imaging recommendations and protocols. Fellows are expected to perform after hours interventions under the supervision of the attending on call, including emergent fluoroscopic examinations and intussusception reductions. On both Saturday and Sunday mornings when on call, it is expected that all pediatric imaging examinations will be interpreted by the fellow and attending on call.


In accordance with ACGME guidelines, fellows receive 20 days vacation per academic year. Five of these days will be granted during the Christmas/New Year’s break at the discretion of the director, with the remaining 15 days spread throughout the year. There are provisions for maternity leave at the discretion of the fellowship director.


As members of Duke University housestaff, fellows are provided with subsidized health care, free parking and access to the housestaff workout facility in the basement of the parking garage. Information is available upon request.