Message from the Chair

Erik Paulson
Erik Paulson

Over the last few years, we in Health Care and in Radiology have faced incredible and unprecedented challenges. The pandemic has had a profound impact on our workplace. It has changed how we work, approach work, and shaped our opinions of work. In addition, the delivery of healthcare has changed dramatically and quickly over the last few years. There is unprecedented “consumerism” in medicine with a mandate to improve patient access, to provide more and better mental health services to our populations, and to have transparent pricing. There has been a shortage of radiologists fueled in part by a desire to be part-time, a trend toward exclusive sub specialization, an ever-increasing expectation for service to our hospitals and healthcare systems, and decreasing reimbursement. There is a concern about what role artificial intelligence and machine learning will play.

In the midst of unprecedented change, a constant is our Department’s commitment to maintaining our culture and collegiality, and we strive for teamwork. The pandemic and other challenges have taught us new, and in some cases, better ways to provide clinical care, teaching, and research and we look forward to embracing these improvements moving forward.

 Our faculty and staff are committed to excellence in providing outstanding patient-centered care, teaching residents and fellows, mentoring future leaders, and supporting innovative laboratory and clinical research.

During my career, there has been explosive growth in advanced imaging technology with concomitant development of new diagnostic approaches and image-guided interventions and therapies. Radiology expertise has become critical in working with our clinical colleagues to diagnose, treat, and care for our patients. At the same time, there is unprecedented pressure to be more efficient while ensuring appropriateness and safety, while demonstrating efficacy and outcomes. Duke Health and Duke Radiology are well-positioned to continue as leaders in these areas, and we intend to grow.

One of our primary goals is to provide compassionate, state-of-the-art radiologic care and service to our patients and referring physicians. Subspecialty interpretations of imaging studies, development and utilization of cutting-edge imaging technology, application of innovative interventional therapies, and active engagement in multidisciplinary care along with patients and their referring colleagues are each critical to achieving this goal.

Duke Radiology is also committed to continuing our long tradition of training radiologists who are remarkably well-prepared to contribute to academic institutions and/or private practice environments. The integral role of radiology in health care is emphasized by the fact that radiology is a required clerkship for every Duke University medical student, and we recently enhanced and revised the curriculum. Our residency is among the most competitive in the country. It is distinguished by a curriculum that facilitates a substantial, mentored research experience and is respected for producing exceptional radiologists.  We hold our residents to the highest standards. Furthermore, each division offers a top-quality fellowship that encourages in-depth clinical and research training.

As an international leader in laboratory and clinical investigation, our faculty advances radiologic knowledge and seeks to develop and implement new approaches to imaging and patient care. On a per-faculty basis, our department is among the most prolific in the country in terms of peer-reviewed radiologic publications.

Enjoy the website. Through it, I hope your interest is piqued by the strengths and opportunities offered in our Department. If an in-person or virtual visit is in your future, we look forward to meeting you and introducing you to the strong tradition of excellence of Duke Radiology.


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