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Interventional Radiology is a dynamic medical specialty that merges the most advanced imaging technology available with ever-evolving, cutting edge miniaturized tools and highly specialized devices to allow interventional radiologists to perform minimally invasive treatments through a tiny incision in the skin. Our highly innovative physicians have expertise in all organ systems within the body, which allow them to treat a broad spectrum of complex conditions that historically required major surgery, but typically with minimal recovery.

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The Duke Interventional Radiology team leads important and pioneering research on a variety of topics to ultimately improve outcomes of patients who undergo interventional radiology procedures. The Duke IR Translational Laboratory pursues translational research with the goal of developing novel minimally invasive treatments.

Specialized Services

Duke Interventional Radiologists utilize the most up-to-date technology and research data to perform the highest level of percutaneous minimally invasive image-guided services while providing safe and effective patient care.


Cancer Treatments

Duke physicians use state of the art tools and highly specialized imaging technology to provide minimally invasive diagnosis and treatments for many forms of cancer to reduce patients’ pain and recovery time.


Non-Oncologic Interventions

An increasing number of surgical procedures are now done by interventional radiologists as they are minimally invasive services allowing patients to often be treated and leave in the same day.


Pediatric Care

Specialty trained interventional radiologists work with our patients who are under 18 providing minimally invasive procedures which eliminates the need for sedation and overnight hospitalization for many of the patients.



Charles Yoon Kim

Charles Y. Kim, M.D., FSIR

Division Chief, Interventional Radiology

Associate Professor of Radiology

James Knutson

James Knutson, M.D.

Assistant Consulting Professor of Radiology

Director of Interventional Radiology, Community Division

Waleska Michelle Pabon-Ramos

Waleska M. Pabon-Ramos, M.D., MPH, FSIR

Associate Professor of Radiology

Director, Pediatric Interventional Radiology

Tony P. Smith, M.D., FSIR

Professor of Radiology

Director, Neurovascular Interventional Radiology

Paul Vincent Suhocki

Paul V. Suhocki, M.D.

Associate Professor of Radiology

Program Director, IR Integrated and Independent Residencies

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Duke Interventional Radiology in Action

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