Ordering Providers

The following information is to facilitate ordering providers to place the correct orders.

Screening Mammography

Routine breast cancer screening study which are by default tomosynthesis, or 3D mammography studies

  • Mammo Screening Breast Tomosynthesis Bilateral – IMG9112
  • Mammo Screening Breast Tomosynthesis Left – IMG9111
  • Mammo Screening Breast Tomosynthesis Rigth – IMG9110

Diagnostic Mammography

Mammographic imaging for patients with clinical conditions, such as a palpable lump or pain, as well as follow up imaging studies

  • Mammo Diagnostic Breast Tomosynthesis Bilateral – IMG9109
  • Mammo Diagnostic Breast Tomosynthesis Left – IMG9108
  • Mammo Diagnostic Breast Tomosynthesis Right – IMG9107

Diagnostic Ultrasound

Ultrasound imaging for patients with clinical conditions, usually performed in conjunction with mammograph

  • Mammo US Breast Limited Bilateral – IMG 9118
  • Mammo US Breast Limited Left – IMG 9116
  • Mammo US Breast Limited Right – IMG 9114

Screening Ultrasound

Ultrasound imaging for women undergoing screening US only, typically for women with dense breasts. Patients with clinical concerns should undergo a diagnostic US.

  • Mammo US Breast Complete Bilateral – IMG 9117
  • Mammo US Breast Complete Left – IMG 9115
  • Mammo US Breast Complete Right – IMG 9113