Underrepresented in Radiology Visiting Scholars Program @ Duke

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Welcome to the Underrepresented in Radiology (URiR) Visiting Scholars Program @ Duke, an initiative aimed at increasing the exposure of medical students to the field of radiology. This program provides a unique opportunity for medical students from underrepresented backgrounds. For those who may not have access to radiology rotations or who have experienced the specialty in a different setting, the program offers the opportunity to gain firsthand experience in radiology at our academic medical institution.


The program offers a maximum of four participants annually the chance to engage in a comprehensive and immersive experience within our Department of Radiology. Through tailored rotations and mentorship, students will have the opportunity to explore various subspecialties, observe state-of-the-art procedures, and interact with leading experts in the field. Specific program benefits include:

  • Four-week clinical rotation in the recipient's chosen radiology subspecialty at Duke University Hospital.
  • Competitive scholarship funding to offset rotation-related costs.
  • An assigned faculty mentor for career guidance and professional development.
  • An assigned resident guide to assist with planning lodging, transportation, and getting to know the city.


The program is open to 4th year US medical students, eligible to rotate at Duke University, from underrepresented backgrounds within the field of radiology. While this encompasses a diverse range of identities, eligible identities include but are not limited to:

  • Black or African American
  • Latino or Hispanic
  • Native American, Alaska Native, or Pacific Islander
  • Female or other underrepresented gender identities in radiology
  • LGBTQ+
  • From a socioeconomically disadvantaged background
  • Other identities underrepresented in radiology.


Interested applicants are invited to apply by submitting an online application. Eligible candidates must also complete a visiting elective application through the Visiting Student Learning Opportunities (VSLO) platform. Applicants may complete the program application at any time but program offers will be extended only after the VSLO (Visiting Student Learning Opportunities) application has been submitted and approved. We will strive to provide timely decisions following VSLO offers, ensuring that you receive notification prior to committing to a visiting rotation. Required application materials include:

  • List of up to 10 elective choices in order of preference, from first to last, including the block and course
  • Brief essay: "Please provide a succinct explanation of your identification with an underrepresented identity within the field of radiology. (Maximum 200 words)"
  • Essay: "How would participation in the Duke Radiology Underrepresented in Radiology Visiting Student Program affect your medical education and future career? (Maximum 500 words)"
  • Medical school transcript PDF
  • Curriculum vitae PDF