IR Clinical Rotations

Adult and pediatric patients are treated in our unified division. Duke Interventional Radiology faculty and trainees also provide full coverage for, and perform all procedures at, the Durham VA, which is across the street from the Duke University Medical Center.

Our division performs approximately 700 minimally invasive procedures a month. Routine procedures include oncologic therapies (selective internal radiotherapy or “y90 radioembolization”, microwave and cryoablation, bland and chemoembolization, port placement, irreversible electroporation), women’s health (uterine artery embolization, pelvic congestion syndrome, nerve blocks), complex arterial anatomy (aortic endoleak repair, vascular malformations, pulmonary avm, mesenteric ischemia, mesenteric aneurysm, peripheral vascular disease), complex hepatobiliary interventions (TIPS creation, percutaneous biliary drainage, portal vein recanalization, portal vein embolization), complex venous access (access for HeRO graft creation, body floss for central venous occlusion, dialysis access), complex enteric access (gastrostomy, gastrojejunostomy, and jejunostomy creation), urologic interventions (prostate artery embolization, access for percutaneous lithotripsy), trauma, thoracic duct embolization, and countless others.

Our division does not routinely perform biopsies and drainages, which are performed by the respective diagnostic radiology divisions (abdominal imaging, cardiothoracic imaging, musculoskeletal imaging, pediatric radiology, etc) and for which residents will be the primary operator during their abdominal radiology rotations.

The first 3 years of training, R1-R3, are identical to DR residency.

The R4 year consists of 5 months of dedicated interventional radiology training, 4 months of diagnostic radiology, one month of ICU, one month of surgical oncology, and one research month. There is the option to replace an interventional radiology month with an additional clinical elective.

The R5 year consists of 12 months of dedicated interventional radiology training.