IR Resident Call Schedules

First year residents take no overnight call, but are responsible for two service days per month, which involve 3-4 hours on a weekend morning.

Night and weekend coverage for Emergency Department is shared by the twelve 2nd year residents. Additionally, the 2nd year residents provide in-house weekend day coverage ten times per year.

We utilize a night-float system for in-house call. 3rd and 4th year residents are each responsible for a total of five weeks over those two years. These senior residents are also each responsible for five Saturdays and five Sundays over the two years. The in-house residents are always backed up by attendings and fellows, who are available for consultation via teleradiology

Interventional Radiology home call is covered by PGY-5 and PGY-6 IR residents. Junior residents on the IR service provide backup call from home.