Center for Advanced Magnetic Resonance Development

Mission & Projects

The Center for Advanced Magnetic Resonance (MR) Development (CAMRD) is a research facility of the Department of Radiology at the Duke University Medical Center (DUMC). The Center’s mission is to support biomedical research within the Department, the Medical Center, and across the entire Duke research community. In addition to our own imaging technology-centered research, CAMRD faculty maintain active collaborations with research teams from the Duke Cancer Institute, Biomedical Engineering, the Pratt School of Engineering, and the Biomedical Research Imaging Center. We also support a large number of clinical trials as an imaging center and via core labs operated by our faculty.

The main resource of the center is a whole-body, commercially manufactured 3 Tesla (Trio, Siemens Healthcare) MR Imaging and Spectroscopy System with full research capabilities. It is housed in close proximity to the clinical MR systems of the Department of Radiology in the Duke North Hospital. We have a full complement of 1H receive coils as well as 19F, 31P, and 129Xe coils.

The Center is fully equipped to perform clinical and research MR imaging or spectroscopy studies on humans or large animals. A full range of monitoring, anesthesia, RF coil development, computer and instrumental control facilities as well as MR research technologists and physics/chemistry consultation are available to Department of Radiology researchers and their collaborators. We are also able to support research imaging of inpatients housed within the Duke University Hospital.

Submit a Project

CAMRD Approval Process:

  • CAMRD Review Committee meets once per month.
  • Project needs to be submitted by the end of month prior to next scheduled meeting.
  • Click here to submit a new project. Please include a copy of the finalized imaging manual and study protocol, and ensure the ‘Study Contact’ name and email is correct. This person will be the one who receives correspondence from REDCap (confirmations and future renewals). Additional Information can be found here.
  • Funding source needs to be included (i.e. copy of grant application or fund code).
  • Review of project application does not require IRB approval; however, study activities in CAMRD will not begin until the IRB approval occurs.
  • Scan time for projects with IRB and CAMRD committee approval can be scheduled by contacting our MRI Technologists by email: or phone: 919.684.7400
  • Additional information on scheduling process and facility usage can be found here: CAMRD Guidelines

Project Renewal:

  • Renewal for CAMRD study projects occurs annually.
  • A REDCap renewal application will be sent to the main study contact person starting 30 days prior to IRB expiration date.
  • It’s important to provide CAMRD with up-to-date study personnel information. Contact: with any personnel changes to ensure REDCap renewal survey is sent to the team.
  • If no renewal application is received by the Committee, it will be assumed that the project has been completed or closed.