• The study team is responsible for scheduling subjects by contacting our MRI Technologists by or by telephone 919.684.7400. At the time of scheduling, the CAMRD study number and subject ID are required.
  • Please ensure your subjects have completed the informed consent process prior to their arrival for their MRI exam.
  • Please ensure that any special subject preparation that is required for specific studies (i.e. fasting, NPO, IV placement, etc.) has been completed. Please note that the CAMRD team is unable to place IVs.
  • If an intravenous contrast agent is to be used, females of child-bearing potential must have a negative Pregnancy Test (serum beta-hCG) within 48 hours of the MRI exam. Test results will be verified by CAMRD personnel. CAMRD Contrast Use Guidelines.
  • A member of the study team must accompany the subject directly to CAMRD and stay for the duration of the imaging study. Please arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the scheduled appointment time
  • The CAMRD Research Subject Information form and MRI Safety Screening form must be completed for each visit and presented to the technologist at the time of the MRI appointment.
  • Documentation of any necessary lab values must be provided to the CAMRD MRI technologist before the MRI examination begins.
  • Please notify the CAMRD MRI technologist if the subject has an implanted device (i.e. stent, IUD, IVC filter) or has been injured by a metallic object (i.e. BB, bullet, shrapnel)– AT LEAST ONE WEEK PRIOR TO THE EXAMINATION DATE.
  • See additional information on CAMRD guidelines.
  • For animal projects, please contact us for further information.