• To schedule subjects in CAMRD, please review the calendar linked below for availability and contact our MRI technologists by email: or by telephone 919.684.7400. At the time of scheduling, the CAMRD study number and subject ID are required. (Note: For best view of the calendar time options, please view on a computer versus a mobile device (i.e. cell phone).
  • Also, at the time of scheduling, please review the Patient MRI Safety Screening form with the subject to see if they have any implanted devices (i.e. stent, IUD, IVC filter) or have been injured by a metallic object (i.e. BB, bullet, shrapnel). Please notify CAMRD technologist AT LEAST ONE WEEK PRIOR TO THE EXAMINATION DATE of any implanted device or metallic object injury.
  • The CAMRD Research Subject Information form must be completed for each visit and presented to the technologist at the time of MRI appointment.
  • A member of the study team must accompany the subject directly to CAMRD and stay for the duration of the imaging study.
  • All labs, pregnancy tests, IV placements, consent for the study, the Research Subject Form, and MRI Safety Screening Form review must be completed prior to arriving for the scheduled appointment.
  • Please arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the scheduled appointment time to allow enough prep time for the subject and technologist.
  • If you are unable to arrive 15 minutes prior to the appointment time, please contact please contact the MRI technologists at 919.684.7400 as it may be necessary to reschedule.
  • For additional CAMRD Guidelines, please click here.
  • To see calendar, please click HERE.
  • For requests concerning badge access to the MR hallway, please use your phone to follow this link: MRI Badge Access Request