Patient Care

What is the Duke Radiology Difference?

With a fleet of cutting edge imaging equipment and staff dedicated to providing the highest quality patient care, Duke Radiology commits itself to an unprecedented level of convenience and expertise. Nationally recognized experts in their sub-specialties work as a team with patients and referring physicians to provide one-of-a-kind comprehensive diagnostics.

Advanced Technology

Duke Radiology utilizes the latest technology in terms of imaging performance and patient safety. The department’s 18 CT scanners, 13 clinical MRI units, and digital mammography and radiography systems are the best available, with advanced image acquisition and post-processing capabilities that offer a level of diagnostic precision unique to Duke Radiology.

Personalized Diagnostics

Duke’s advanced imaging capabilities are matched by a rigorous operational utilization process to best serve our patients. Based on current clinical evidence and standards of care, each patient’s imaging examination is individually tailored and protocoled based upon their age, size, and diagnostic needs to ensure the highest level of image quality, diagnostic performance, and patient safety.

Consistent Performance

Duke Radiology has a dedicated team of imaging physics specialists who regularly assure the best quality and performance from our imaging equipment. All devices are routinely tested and charted to ensure superior quality and consistency over time. The department also employs a comprehensive radiation dose monitoring program to ensure the lowest possible radiation exposure to patients.

Nationally Recognized Expertise

Duke Radiology is unique in that all imaging studies are interpreted by board-certified, sub-specialty trained radiologists with nationally and internationally recognized expertise. This is coupled with the best available protocols in interpretative and qualitative imaging. The imaging operations at Duke Radiology facilities are accredited by the American College of Radiology, attesting to the high standard of Duke Radiology’s equipment, operations, faculty, and personnel.