Congratulations to Francesca Rigiroli, MD, on University of Milan Residency degree.

Dr. Rigiroli came to Duke Radiology in 2018 on a 1 year study abroad program to perform clinical and translational research with Daniele Marin, M.D.  Her thesis was entirely developed while at Duke Radiology and the title was “Machine-learning Analysis of Radiomic Features for the Preoperative Assessment of Vascular Involvement in Patients with Pancreatic Ductal Adenocarcinoma.”  Dr. Marin was invited by Professor Francesco Sardanelli, director of the Radiology Residency program at University of Milan, to take part at the diploma ceremony of Francesca Rigiroli, M.D., during which she defended her thesis to obtain her Residency degree.

L to R: Duke Research Fellow Dr. Lyu, Dr. Daniele Marin, Dr. Francesca Rigiroli











Professor Sardanelli (center) and other faculty professors at University of Milan

The ceremony took place on Wednesday, December 11th in the Lecture Hall of the European Institution of Oncology, University of Milan, Italy.
The Specialization School in Radiodiagnostics of the University of Milan is one of the largest, with almost 30 new residents every year, and prestigious of the Country. It offers a training course that is divided into 19 excellent radiological structures where the clinical practice of the Residents is performed. Among those, we mention European Institution of Oncology (IEO), one of the world’s most prestigious hospitals and the fastest growing comprehensive cancer center in Europe. The school offers to the residents the possibility, encouraged by the Director, to spend up to 1 year abroad, in institutes of excellence, to develop various fields of interest. With this opportunity, Dr. Rigiroli Chose Duke Radiology!!

Dr. Daniele Marin gives the master lecture

Congratulations Dr. Rigiroli, it’s been wonderful to have you here.