Recent Paper by Postdoctoral Associate, Stephanie Blocker, Ph.D., Featured on the Cover of Radiology: Imaging Cancer.

Stephanie Blocker’s recent paper on MR Histology in models of soft tissue sarcoma (doi:10.1148/rycan.2021200103) was recently featured on the cover of Radiology: Imaging Cancer. She reports new approaches to linking information from traditional histopathology to in vivo MR images by using MR histology of tissue specimens at spatial resolution ~ 40,000 times that of clinical MRI. By creating a functional link between histologic analyses and multi-parametric MR imaging, she aims to establish tissue-based interpretations of tumor MR signal.  This has laid the foundation for her recent CTSA TL1 postdoctoral fellowship, a K99/R00 application, and multiple collaborative efforts with exemplary members of Duke Radiology, Radiation Oncology, and the Duke Cancer Institute.