Q&A with Duke University Health System Vice Chairman of Radiology, IT, & Clinical Informatics Christopher Roth, MD

“Enterprise Imaging Has Part to Play in Addressing Shrinking Margins” 06/18/2024 By Anthony Guerra

In a perfect world, the only thing imaging professionals would have to consider is how to improve clinician workflow and thus, satisfaction, along with patient safety. Of course, the world is far from perfect, as demonstrated by healthcare’s shrinking margins. So those professionals must do their part to keep the enterprise as robust as possible. When it comes to imaging, Duke’s Dr. Christopher Roth talks about increasing good dollars in and decreasing bad dollars out. On the good side, he cites efforts to improve patient scheduling and, thus, throughput; while on the bad side he talks about ways to decrease storage costs and reduce application expenditures by consolidating vendors. In this interview with healthsystemCIO Founder & Editor-in-Chief Anthony Guerra, Roth covers these issues, point of care ultrasound considerations and many others.

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