Windows Into The Brain Colloquia, Sponsored by the School of Medicine, The Radiology and Neurology Departments

Researchers in the fields of radiology, neurology, biomedical engineering and other fields will gather to discuss multimodal brain research for the first “Windows into the Brain” research colloquia, which will be held all-day on Thursday, December 8 in the DIBS multipurpose room B035
A second colloquium will be held on April 6, 2017. Both colloquia will focus on brain structure, function and neurodegenerative diseases. This series was made possible by the School of Medicine’s Interdisciplinary Colloquia Initiative.
The speaker schedule for the event is listed below. Posters or visual demos are invited.

To register, and submit an abstract or poster use this link : Registration Windows Into The Brain

Please join us and help open the first “Windows into the Brain” colloquium at LSRC, 308 Research Drive, DIBS Multipurpose Room B035 on 8 December 2016.

Windows Into the Brain Colloquia 8Dec2016 Schedule