Welcome 2018 Duke Radiology New Faculty Members!!

Duke Radiology Welcomes New Faculty members! We look forward to your contributions here and offer our support as your life’s journey includes us!

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Hamid Chalian, MD – Cardiothoracic Imaging
Robert French, MD – Musculoskeletal Imaging
Arya “Reggy” Iranmanesh, MD – Cardiothoracic Imaging
David Johnson, MD – Vascular Interventional and Cardiothoracic Imaging
Tammy Kreuzer, MD – Community Division, Breast Imaging
Samuel Kuzminski, MD – Community Division, Neuroradiology
Jonathan Martin, MD – Vascular Interventional
Alan Sag, MD – Vascular Interventional
Benjamin Wildman-Tobriner, MD – Abdominal Imaging