Successful GO LIVE of Epic driven PACS redesign

Chris Roth, MD, MMCI

Brenda Boardwine RT, (R) (M)

Terri West, PMP







Congratulations to the Radiant, PACS, Field Services, PowerScribe and additional DHTS teams for their collaboration, diligence, and dedication with executing the Epic Driven Workflow project. Recognition extended to Dr. Chris Roth for his vision and exemplary leadership. Exceptional expertise and direction by Brenda Boardwine and excellent project management skills by Terri West. Initial launch for this project started in March of 2017 and successfully went live on May 6, 2018

Dr. Roth states: A tremendous thank you for all of the hard work, attention to detail and effort in coordinating and navigating the Epic driven PACS redesign! Brenda Boardwine, Nick Said, Chuck Rodgers, Terri West, John Raymond, Chris Briell, Sue Shawl, Harrell Chotas, Seth Avery, Sara Coletta, Nathan Russell, Jason Hill, Jan Taylor, Ed Labajetta, Jeffrey Nelson.

In addition: All of the DHTS individuals pictured below earned an award, the DHTS CIO Coin  to recognize exceptionally good performance on a highly visible project.

SPECIAL RECOGNITION – RECIPIENTS OF COIN OF EXCELLENCE Top Row L to R: Brenda Boardwine, Terri West, Seth Avery, Nick Said, Jason Hill.           Bottom Row L to R: Nathan Russell, John Raymond, Harrell Chotas, Jeffrey Nelson, T.L. Hall, Sara Coletta


DHTS CIO Coin of Excellence