What is a CRU?

Clinical Research Units (CRU) are the organizing structure for the conduct of clinical research in the School of Medicine (SOM) in which a Duke faculty member is responsible for research activity that involves human subjects.  The CRU is the operating and business unit responsible for the integrity, financial accountability, regulatory compliance, quality and academic productivity of research involving human subjects.

Who are the respective Medical Director and Research Practice Manager in my division?

Daniel Barboriak, MD, is the Medical Director and Steven Shipes is the Research Practice Manager.

How do I write an IRB proposal and how do I submit it to the Radiology CRU?

Contact Steven Shipes, the Radiology Research Practice Manager.

Who constructs the clinical research project budget?

Chelsea Penumarthy, Radiology CRU Financial Practice Manager, will work together with Radiology Grants and Contracts Administrators to assist the Principal Investigator in developing budgets for clinical research studies after the draft budget has been developed by the Principal Investigator, the Grants and Contracts Manager,  the Regulatory Coordinator, and the Research Practice Manager, Steven Shipes.  The budget will be developed based on the clinical protocol, informed consent, and legal agreement. Chelsea and her team will be responsible for the negotiations between Radiology and the Sponsor.