Charles E. Putman, M.D. Seed Funding Guidelines


The Department of Radiology has funds available to support small or pilot research projects. The intent of this funding is to:

  1. Allow Radiology faculty:
    • To collect preliminary data that would be used for developing and submitting a larger grant application for external funding.
    • To pursue clinically relevant research that advances the practice of radiology.
  2. Enable Residents and Fellows to perform meritorious research projects that enhance their training or facilitate faculty efforts toward external funding.
  3. Any paper/publications supported needs to cite “Charles E. Putman, M.D. Seed Fund” and fund code in acknowledgements.


Excluded Cost

Salaries for faculty or doctorate-level trainees (postdocs, fellows, residents), and travel are not allowed.


Allowable Costs

The department funding is to cover expenses associated with the research project as described below. Costs need to be divided into two categories:

  1. Costs of general department resources that are limited and must be rationed. The maximum requested amount of Costs for this category should not exceed $6,600 for faculty or $3,300 for trainees which includes a 15% Indirect Cost.  Total funds available in this category will depend on availability of department resources. Presently such allowed costs include the following:
    • CRC time.
  2. Costs of purchased goods or services. These resources represent an additional or independent expense to the Radiology Department. Generally, the maximum requested amount of Costs for this category should not exceed $10,000 for faculty or $5,000 for trainees including a 15% Indirect Cost. For those proposals with exceptional merit, a maximum of $15,000 may be requested including a 15% Indirect Cost.Total funds for this category will be determined for each fiscal year by the Department Chair. A percentage of the total funds for this category will be set aside for the applications from 3/2 residents that will be reviewed in April.Allowed costs may include the following:
    • Supplies (including animals)
    • Hospital technologist time
    • Multi-D Lab services (e.g., de-identification)
    • Other Radiology Lab services (e.g., CIVM)
    • Vivarium charges
    • Other Medical Center services
    • Software
    • Equipment
    • Approved publication costs
    • Patient compensation, parking passes, etc.
    • Support personnel, e.g., research assistant/technician, programmer, work-study students. An explicit budget justification must be provided to demonstrate how these personnel fulfill a new role pertinent to this proposal, rather than just a continuation of their existing work duties.

Maximum Costs

The maximum requested amount of Costs per project are specified above. Smaller budgets may receive higher funding priority. In exceptional circumstances, the Department Chair could allow a request for a budget that exceeds the specified maximum values.


Due Dates

General deadlines are Sept 1, November 1, February 1, May 1.

There are two exceptions to these deadlines:

  1. Expedited Review of Smaller Clinical Projects. Projects may be eligible for expedited review if they fulfill both of the following conditions:
    • Less than $5,000 is requested from the first category of general department resources
    • No costs are requested from the second category of purchased goods or services. Expedited reviews will occur on a rolling, monthly basis.
  2. Single Deadline for 3/2 Projects. Residents are required to submit all proposals by the single deadline of April 1.

Resubmissions and Limits on Applications

If a project is not approved, it may be resubmitted with a one-page cover letter that describes the revisions (if any). At any one time, each Faculty or Resident/Fellow is limited to only a single seed grant that includes costs from the category of purchased goods or services.


The maximum duration of each project should not exceed 12 months. Within 1 month of project completion, a progress report form and a no cost extension form will be emailed to the Principal Investigator. Please complete which ever form applies at the time and send to Steven.Shipes prior to the study expiration date.



Review Criteria

  1. Completed applications will be reviewed by at least 3 reviewers, and presented for approval by the entire radiology CRU committee. Expedited applications will be reviewed by a minimum of 2 reviewers.
  2.  Review will be conducted using the NIH criteria of:
    • Significance, Innovation, and Approach considering the following factors:
      • Likelihood of securing additional funding
      • Prospects of the idea to have significant scientific or clinical impact for the practice of radiology
      • Collaboration of clinical and basic science faculty
      • Relevance to the department missions (e.g., faculty advancement, resident training, balance of disciplines)
      • Early career
    • NIH scoring system of 1 through 9 for each criterion.
 Score  Descriptor  Additional Guidance on Strengths/Weaknesses
 1  Exceptional  Exceptionally strong with essentially no weaknesses
 2  Outstanding  Extremely strong with negligible weaknesses
 3  Excellent  Very strong with only some minor weaknesses
 4  Very Good  Strong but with numerous minor weaknesses
 5  Good  Strong but with at least one moderate weakness
 6  Satisfactory  Some strengths but also some moderate weaknesses
 7  Fair  Some strengths but with at least one major weakness
 8  Marginal  A few strengths and a few major weaknesses
 9  Poor  Very few strengths and numerous major weaknesses


Minor Weakness: An easily addressable weakness that does not substantially lessen impact
Moderate Weakness: A weakness that lessens impact
Major Weakness: A weakness that severely limits impact

Please note: For internal seed grants, the other NIH criteria of Investigator(s) and Environment will not be considered