Translational PET/CT Molecular Imaging Center


PET Images of FDG

PET images of FDG uptake in tumor-bearing Balb/c (murine 4T1 breast cancer) pre- and post-treatment. A five-day treatment with a CAMKK inhibitor reduced FDG uptake in tumors without inhibiting tumor growth as quantitated in Table 1. Tumors noted with white arrows. Regions of interest (ROIs) were drawn around tumor images and assayed for dimensions, FDG uptake , and used to calculate %ID/g of the tumor. These results mimic clinical features of anti-tumor therapy. PET images have a spatial resolution of 1.4 mm. As you see here, animals can be rescanned at a later date to help minimize costs of animals per timepoint and housing. Images courtesy of Erik Nelson, PhD.

PCT, PET and Fused Sodium Flouride mouse scan

PCT, PET and Fused Sodium Flouride mouse scan

Lung Mets

PBalb/c mice with 4T1-luciferase breast tumors excised to promote lung metastasis. Luciferin imaging (left) showed primary tumor and metastases. FDG imaging by PET (right) demonstrated robust uptake in metastases as well as the heart.