Fees & Services


Imaging and support services are available to all research investigators. For Duke and NIH supported investigators, cost for use of small animal PET / CT is $240 /hour. Additional support for complex data analysis, or additional animal support is $150/hour. For more information regarding fees for outside investigators, please contact Thomas Hawk by phone at (919) 684-7712 or email  thomas.hawk@duke.edu 


Study Initiation

Our staff will meet with you to discuss how PET imaging can assist you with:

Good coordination will facilitate cost- and time-effective research. Please contact Thomas Hawk by phone at (919) 684-7712 or email thomas.hawk@duke.edu with a completed Study Registration Form

Day-of Imaging


The research facility staff will oversee all regulatory aspects of handling radioactive materials: the ordering and delivery of commercial radiotracers and radioactive disposal. Investigational radiotracers may be available depending upon requests.


Our Inveon scanner has the capability to image both mice and rats in which we may perform animal anesthesia and continuous biological monitoring during image acquisition.

Image Acquisition and Reconstruction

As we strive to perform cost-and time-effective imaging, the needs of your protocol define the acquisition and reconstruction parameters. Images are typically available within 24 hours of the acquisition and we will notify investigators when complete.

Image Analysis

We are also available to help analyze and interpret the image data. Starting with CT or PET based Region of Interest definition, we can:

For human and large animal PET/CT imaging services, see the Positron Imaging Research Lab.