Peer Compliment for James Voyvodic, PhD, MS

James T. Voyvodic, PhD, MD.

Our own James Voyvodic, PhD, BS., received a glowing peer compliment. Dr. Voyvodic is an Associate Professor of Radiology, and Associate Research Professor of Neurobiology and works in the Brain Imaging and Analysis Center. Here’s what one of his peers recently said about him: “Jim is always incredibly efficient and goes above and beyond to make sure the scans are done and processed in time for surgery. Just last week, a fMRI was done late in the evening prior to surgery for language and motor mapping. He worked very late to make sure that everything was done in time for surgery, and sent me the results at 11 pm to make sure I had them in time for surgery the following morning. My patients and I are very grateful for his dedication to their care.”  Thank you Dr. Voyvodic for generously upholding our core values. We appreciate your dedication and drive for excellence in patient care.