Financial Information

Thank you for choosing Duke University Hospital Department of Radiology for your imaging services.

Duke Radiology physicians are part of the Private Diagnostic Clinic (PDC) and you may receive more than one bill, including physician and hospital services, for your radiology visit within the Duke System. We realize that billing and payment for health care services can be confusing, complicated and very overwhelming; we hope the information provided below will assist you with the billing process.

Physician Services 

Bills for physician services from the Private Diagnostic Clinic (PDC) and Duke Primary Care (DPC) will include examinations, interpretations of tests, surgical procedures, and consultations performed by physicians and in some instances physician assistants and nurse practitioners.

Physician services also include, but are not limited to, the services of anesthesiologists, psychiatrists, podiatrists, radiologists, and pathologists. These services may be provided in clinics or in the hospital, but will be billed by the physician group.

Hospital Services

Bills from the hospitals include, but are not limited to, laboratory, radiology and other testing services (referred to as ancillary services); operating room services; emergency; pharmacy; medical supplies; inpatient room and board; and other services provided by the hospital. You may receive a bill for each time you visit the hospital.

For clinics under the management of Duke University Hospital, you may see a charge on your bill for the equipment, supplies, and services provided in the hospital-based clinic. These charges are separate from the services provided by your physician/provider. Any amount you owe will be based your specific insurance coverage. Please contact your insurance company for information regarding your particular plan benefit.

If you have further questions or concerns regarding your bill(s), please contact the Duke Medicine Customer Service Center at (919) 620-4555 or toll free at (800) 782-6945 and ask to speak with a Patient Account Representative.   The center is open Monday through Friday between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m.

For complete information regarding insurance, billing and financial assistance, please visit