Gastrointestinal Studies Updated

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Barium Enema (Single Contrast Enema, Barium or Water Soluble*)

0 – 18 Years No prep is needed for a pediatric patient undergoing a fluoroscopic single contrast enema

Barium Enema with Air Contrast (Double Contrast Enema)

NOTE: This exam is usually performed for rectal bleeding. If inflammatory bowel disease or acute abdominal disease is suspected, no bowel prep should be given. These exams are needed so infrequently in pediatric radiology that preparation will be discussed on a case by case basis. The referring clinician and or the patient can call the pediatric fluoroscopy technologists and radiologists at (919) 684-7302, Monday thru Friday, 8:00am – 3:30pm or Saturday mornings, 8:00 – 11:00am for instructions.


0 – 18 Years No prep needed

Upper GI Series, Small Bowel Series, Upper GI w/o Air, or Video Swallow

0 – 6 Months NPO 2 hours prior to exam
6 Months
2 Yrs, 11 Mos
NPO 3 hours prior to exam
No solids after 18:00 hours the evening before
3 – 18 Years NPO after midnight
May have clear liquids only up to 4 hours prior to exam, schedule exam in the morning

NOTE: If a nuclear medicine gastric emptying study is also ordered, the nuclear exam should be performed before the Upper GI or small bowel series

If and only if the patient had an exam with enteric contrast such as a contrast enema, an esophogram, video speech swallow, or CT with oral contrast within 3 days prior to the scheduled Upper GI or small bowel series, then laxatives or enemas may be useful to help clear contrast from the colon prior to the new exam. A scout image will be performed before the procedure to assess for any residual contrast in the colon.