Exam Prep

Procedure Prep Instructions



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To schedule your patient for an appointment, including a same day appointment, or for questions, please contact Pediatric Radiology at (919) 684-7302, Monday thru Friday 8:00 am- 5:00 pm.

  • In-Patients must have appropriate identification bracelet on wrist or ankle.
  • The patient’s chart must accompany in-patients for all special procedures (fluoroscopy, sonography, CT, MR, interventional, nuclear medicine) or complex radiology (e.g. flexion extension cervical, spine series, IVP, skeletal survey) exams. These examinations should be scheduled at least one day in advance when possible.
  • Studies with an (*) indicate administration of iodine containing contrast media. Patients with known iodine allergy or sufficient allergic history (at the discretion of responsible staff, and governed by SOP for adult for contrast allergy) may require a steroid prep prior to receiving contrast. Contact Pediatric Radiology staff at (919) 684-7302, if contrast allergy is known or suspected.
  • A parent or legal guardian is needed to give consent for all sedation and invasive procedures. If a parent or legal guardian is not accompanying the patient, other arrangements for obtaining consent should be made when scheduling the exam including but not limited to, phone consent and prior signed informed consent (within hospital guidelines).


Clear Liquids - 2 hours
Breast Milk - 4 hours
Solids - 6 hours

Hours specified are the minimum acceptable between last feeding and scheduled sedation. Clear liquids must be truly “clear” (i.e. apple juice, Kool-aid, Sprite, Ginger Ale, etc.). Orange juice and milk are not considered clear liquids (NPO means “nothing by mouth”).