Medical Student Faculty Show – “Doc of Ages.”

Doc of Ages“A parody of Chris D’Arienzo’s 80s rock opera Rock of Ages (also a 2012 major motion picture), Doc of Ages is a timeless tale of romance, adventure, and hair metal. This year we join a group of Duke medical students in their crusade to take down The Man: Dr. Hertz, Duke’s new chancellor and UNC transplant, who is hell-bent on dismantling the Duke surgery department to forward his own primary care goals! Will the students succeed or will Duke become an operation-free wasteland? Tune in to find out! It will be fun, it will be silly, but most importantly, it will ROCK!”  For Tickets and more information click here    Saturday March 12, 5:00 p.m., Page Auditorium.


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Proceeds go to Durham Crisis Response Center

Featuring our very own: Dr. Philip Goodman!


Philip C. Goodman, M.D.