JACR: Best of 2017 Award, Duke Radiology Winners!

Pictured Left to Right: Ryan Short, M., Dana Middleton, BA., Nicholas Befera MD., Raj Gondalia, MD., Tina Tailor, MD.

Check out this excerpt from the Editor-In-Chief of JACR:  Dear Dr. Short,  It is my great pleasure to congratulate you and your coauthors, Dana Middleton, Dr. Nicholas Befera, Dr. Raj Gondalia, and Dr. Tina Tailor on the selection of your article as a winner of a JACR “Best of 2017” award. The article, Patient-Centered Radiology Reporting: Using Online Crowdsourcing to Assess the Effectiveness of a Web-Based Interactive Radiology Report (published in the November 2017 issue) was chosen by a committee of the JACR Editorial Board as the best article published in the journal in the Clinical Practice Management category during this past year. 

 We are so proud of this group. Terrific work!