Individual and Team Compliment: Lars Grimm, MD., MHS., FSBI., Karen Johnson, MD., and Robert Heider, MD.

This is a wonderful note from a grateful patient, complimenting 3 incredibly talented and compassionate members of our Radiology Team. This is just one reason why we love what we do.


Please read:
“I appreciate,Dr. Grimm, that you took the time to talk to me on the phone twice. First, you explained which characteristics of my ultrasound made it seem necessary to have the biopsy. Second, on the day before the procedure, you described it in detail which made me be less afraid.”

“Dr. Johnson, I appreciate how careful you were to tell me what was going to happen at each step of the way. That helped me relax… I think that your expertise in the procedure was responsible for the fact that I had almost no pain afterwards,”

“Dr. Heider, it was nice that you were at both the initial ultrasound and at the biopsy. I appreciate how carefully and clearly you explained the results of the initial ultrasound. Thank you so much for not being offended when I opted for Dr. Johnson as the one to do the actual procedure. Also, thank you for letting me hold on to your hand.”

Thank you Dr. Karen Johnson, Dr. Lars Grimm and Dr. Robert Heider; you have represented Duke Radiology well, and continue to embody our core values.