Robert E. Reiman Jr., M.D., MSPH

  • Associate Professor of Radiology
  • Faculty, Medical Physics Graduate Program
  • Radiation Safety Division
  • Research
Address DUMC Box 3155
Durham, NC 27710
Telephone 919-668-3186
  • MD, Case Western Reserve University, 1987
Research Interests Web-Based Radiation Protection Program Administration: Development of interactive, Internet-based tools to facilitate management of radiation protection operations. Applications include (1) "Radiation Risk Statement" wording for x-ray, fluoroscopy, computed tomography and nuclear medicine studies in Institutional Review Board protocol consent forms; (2) management of institutional radioactive materials inventory; (3) management of auditing program for biomedical research laboratories; and (4) customized post-discharge instructions and regulatory documentation for patients treated with systemic radionuclides.

Radiation External Dose Estimates from Radionuclide Therapy Patients: Improvement of existing methods (based on unshielded point source geometry and fixed occupancy factors) by extension to solid geometries and flexible distance-time relationships between radioactive patients and irradiated bystanders.

Diagnosis and Response to Treatment Using Short-lived Positron-emitting Radionuclides: Evaluation of the metabolism and in-vivo localization of labeled compounds, including nitrogen-13 ammonia, nitrogen-13 glutamic acid and other agents. Development of quantitative scanning methods in support of metabolic studies.