Richard A. Leder, M.D.

  • Associate Professor of Radiology
  • Clinical Associate in Surgery
  • Abdominal Imaging
Address DUMC Box 3808
Durham, NC 27710
Telephone 919-684-7310
Fax 919-684-7123
  • MD, Boston University School of Medicine, 1984
  • Diagnostic Radiology, Stony Brook University Medical Center, 1984-1988
  • Abdominal Imaging, Duke University Medical Center, 1988-1989
Clinical Interests
  • CT
  • Ultrasound
  • MR
  • Oncologic imaging
  • Genitourinary radiology
  • Neoplasms of the upper urinary tract
  • Renal infectious disease
  • Abdominal trauma
  • Contrast media toxicity/reactions
  • Research Interests Current and ongoing research activities include evaluation of contrast reactions in patients who have received a steroid preparation. This endeavor will aim to evaluate common risk factors shared by patients who have so called breakthrough reactions. This may help to further redefine premedications regiments in high risk patients. Additional research activities include clinical CT scanning of the kidneys with the use of a compression device. The aim of this work will help to establish whether compression CT improves visualization of the collecting system and ureters over conventional urography. Other ongoing projects include CT descriptions of idiopathic retroperitoneal fibrosis causing renal and perirenal masses, post traumatic pseudopneumoperitoneum and continued work on extravastion injuries and extravasation detection.
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