G. Allan Johnson, Ph.D.

  • Charles E. Putman University Professor of
    Radiology, Physics and Biomedical Engineering
  • Research
Address Duke University Bryan Research Building, Room 141D
311 Research Drive
DUMC Box 3302

Durham, NC 27710
Telephone 919-684-7754
Fax 919-684-7158
  • Ph.D., Duke University, 1974
Research Interests Dr. Johnson is the Charles E. Putman University Professor of Radiology, Physics, and Biomedical Engineering and Director of the Duke Center for In Vivo Microscopy (CIVM). The CIVM is an NIH NCRR/NIBIB national Biomedical Technology Resource Center with a mission to develop novel technologies for preclinical imaging (basic sciences) and apply the technologies to critical biomedical questions.

Dr. Johnson was one of the first researchers to bring Paul Lauterbur's vision of magnetic resonance (MR) microscopy to practice as described in his paper, "Nuclear magnetic resonance imaging at microscopic resolution" (J Magn Reson 68:129-137, 1986). He is involved in both the engineering physics required to extend the resolution of MR imaging and in a broad range of applications in the basic sciences.