Duke Advanced Radiology Technologist Education Program

The Department of Radiology recently developed the Duke Advanced imaging Radiology Technologist (DART) education program.

Under the direction of Lynne M Hurwitz Koweek and Daniele Marin this program will look to expand educational opportunities for advanced imaging technologies. Current offerings for 2017 include one day hands-on workshops for Cardiac CT and Dual Energy CT with focus on image acquisition and post processing.

Lynne M. Koweek MD, Co-Director

Daniele Marin, MD, Co-Director

DART Advisory Board:

Rajan Gupta MD

Rendon Nelson MD

Charles Maxfield MD

Ed Labajetta RT

Susan Churchill RT

                         For more information:
Lynne M. Koweek MD
Email: lynne.koweek@duke.edu

Daniele Marin, MD
Email: daniele.marin@duke.edu