Duke Advanced Radiology Technologist Education Program

The Department of Radiology recently developed the Duke Advanced imaging Radiology Technologist (DART) education program.

Under the direction of Lynne M Hurwitz Koweek and Daniele Marin this program will look to expand educational opportunities for advanced imaging technologies. There are personalized training programs offering small group didactic, hands on and observational experiences for physicians and technologists centered to application and operationalization of advanced imaging technologies. Offerings include hands-on workshops for Cardiac CTA and Dual Energy CT with focus on image acquisition and post processing.

Lynne Koweek, MD., Co-Director

Daniele Marin, MD, Co-Director








DART Advisory Board:
Rajan Gupta MD 
Rendon Nelson MD
Charles Maxfield MD
Ed Labajetta RT
Susan Churchill RT

For more information:
Lynne M. Koweek MD
Email: lynne.koweek@duke.edu

Daniele Marin, MD
Email: daniele.marin@duke.edu

Bambi Dimuro, Radiology Staff Assistant
Email: bambi.dimuro@duke.edu