Resident Call Schedules

First year residents take no overnight call, but are responsible for two service days per month, which involve 3-4 hours on a weekend morning.

Duke Radiology prides itself in maintaining independent call when residents render high quality preliminary interpretations, significantly directing patient care and influencing outcomes without the on-site supervision of an attending.  We believe this is a unique strength of our program that allows our residents to mature into independent radiologists, ready to hit the ground running following graduation.  Call shifts are structured so that residents have graduated responsibilities as they progress through residency, eventually becoming prepared and confident to take autonomous call.

“Junior Nights” and weekend coverage for the Duke Emergency Department is shared by the thirteen 2nd year residents done in 1-2 week blocks. Responsibilities include adult and pediatric plain films, ultrasound, trauma CT T&L spine reformats, STAT inpatient plain films, and emergent fluoroscopic exams. Additionally, the 2nd year residents help provide in-house weekend day coverage.

“Senior Nights” and “Senior Swing Shifts” are shared by 3rd and 4th year residents and are performed in 1 week blocks.  Our senior residents render preliminary interpretations on all CTs, STAT MRI, and nuclear medicine studies overnight. These senior residents also split the responsibility for Saturdays and Sunday day-coverage over the two year period.

Vascular Interventional call is usually covered by the VIR fellows, with residents on backup call from home.

The in-house residents are always backed up by attendings and fellows, who are available for consultation via teleradiology.