Duke Radiology Interest Group

Welcome to the Duke Radiology Interest Group!  The Duke Radiology Interest Group seeks to educate Medical Students about opportunities in Radiology.

Faculty Advisor
Caroline Carrico, M.D.

Dana Middleton, MS3

Vice President
Jonathan Li, MS3

James Campbell, MS2

Andrew Yuan, MS2

Radiology Interest Group Events

Radiology Interest Group Meet and Greet

September 2016- Meet and greet with residents and attendings hosted by Department Chief Erik K. Paulson, M.D.

History of Radiology

October 2016- History of Radiology with Philip C. Goodman, M.D.

Interventional Radiology

November 2016- New Interventional Radiology Residency Info Session

Residency Life

December 2016- A panel of current Duke Radiology residents will speak about their own path to radiology residency and life as a resident at Duke and in the field.

Private Practice

February 2017- Radiology and Private Practice

Match Panel

March 2017- Current Duke MS4’s who have successfully matched into radiology residency will come and talk to the group about the application process, what they learned on the interview trail, and will take questions from group members.

Women in Radiology

April 2017- Women In Radiology

Third year

May 2017- Radiology Third Year Research Panel

View our Radiology Interest Group Charter(PDF)