Chauncy Handran

Chauncy Handran, M.D.

Class of 2020

"I have had a somewhat unique research experience while at Duke with limited research time given clinical demands related to ESIR. However, I was still able to acquire a $20k grant from the Gastroenterology department during my 2nd year of residency for research on a new treatment for hepatic encephalopathy, for which I teamed up with the biomedical engineering department."

John Knight II

John Knight II, M.D.

Class of 2020

"My 3/2 project is a survey study in Breast Imaging that evaluates the perceptions patients have when reading radiology reports. The 3/2 infrastructure helped me find the resources and mentorship to get the project off the ground. I chose to use the remainder of my fourth year elective time to do a mini-fellowship in Cardiothoracic Imaging."

Colm Kelleher

Colm Kelleher, M.D.

Class of 2020

"I did not do a traditional 3/2 project. I spent the year completing a 16-month Dual Certification Pathway in Diagnostic Radiology and Nuclear Medicine. Next year I will be doing an additional fellowship in Abdominal Imaging. I believe this combination will give me a unique experience in oncologic radiology."

Kyle Napier

Kyle Napier, M.D.

Class of 2020

"I loved the freedom of the 3/2 program. I focused entirely on clinical work including a 6-month mini-fellowship in Abdominal Imaging. The added experience on MRI and procedures was invaluable for my learning. It was so rewarding to work with the same group of people day in and day out. It truly felt like a family."

Lawrence Ngo

Lawrence Ngo, M.D., Ph.D.

Class of 2020

"I have been working with Mustafa Bashir in developing AI algorithms for several applications in body imaging. We are now beginning a new phase of research involving Duke and several other universities, private practice groups, and my company to validate our AI tools. I have learned a lot in coordinating collaborations among all these entities."

Robert Heider headshot

Robert Heider, M.D.

Class of 2021

"I really like the graduated responsibility Duke offers, as we get more comfortable and confident in our training. Dr. Johnson is an excellent advocate for the residents and she is one of the best positives for the program."

Meghana Konaur headshot

Meghana Konaur, M.D.

Class of 2021

"The residents are what make this program great. They are inspiring, hard-working, and insanely supportive. I find myself lucky to call these people my colleagues and now life-long friends."

David Peterson headshot

David Peterson, M.D.

Class of 2021

"Duke Radiology is an amazing place to train. The teaching is excellent, including the one-on-one instruction that we get during readouts and the fantastic group lectures. Independent call is crucial to becoming a capable and confident radiologist. And the volume and diversity of cases we see at Duke ensures that anyone who trains here will be ready to thrive in any practice setting."

Leah Strickland hedshot

Leah Strickland, M.D., M.B.A

Class of 2021

"The people are amazing. I have met lifelong friends and mentors. There are tremendous opportunities for professional growth, both inside and outside of the reading room."

James Tamas headshot

James Tamas, M.D.

Class of 2021

"I like the unique combination of highly varied and challenging pathology, ample volume, and a rigorous teaching curriculum coupled with the fact that we maintain independent after-hours, night, and weekend call. I think it is essential for producing exceptional radiologists."

Jeffrey Cooper headshot

Jeffrey Cooper, M.D.

Class of 2022

"I really enjoy how affordable and family friendly Durham is without sacrificing amenities of a larger city. There are plenty of great restaurants/bars, parks, and performance venues, all in a city with little traffic and the ability to live comfortably with my family."

Mariana DeFreitas headshot

Mariana DeFreitas, M.D.

Class of 2022

"I love that Durham is eclectic and offers something for everyone - great sports for jocks, delicious grub for foodies, rich history for explorers, great performances at DPAC for the theater crowd, and diverse neighborhoods to fit a wide range of lifestyle preferences."

Hemant Desai headshot

Hemant Desai, M.D.

Class of 2022

"I think my favorite thing about Durham is how homey it is. It doesn’t take long to settle in."

Imarhia Enogieru headshot

Imarhia Enogieru, M.D.

Class of 2023

I chose Duke because I felt a great sense of community between the Duke residents and faculty, and I really appreciated Dr. Johnson's advocacy for residents. The gradual increased autonomy and high patient volume with diverse pathology will ensure I am ready for either private practice or academic radiology by the end of residency. Also, the ability to live in Durham with great weather, great assortment of restaurants and things to do, and high value in regard to costs of living.

Imarhia Enogieru, M.D., Class of 2023
Mark Kelly headshot

Mark Kelly, M.D.

Class of 2023

"I chose Duke Radiology because of the ability to attend a world-class radiology residency in a great area for outdoor activity with low cost of living. At Duke, I am surrounded by people that are smarter than I am but who are kind and patient enough to explain things until even I can understand them."

Dana Kerr headshot

Dana Kerr, M.D.

Class of 2023

"Duke has always held a special place in my heart. My husband and I met during med school orientation at Duke and got married here during graduation weekend. We can’t imagine living or training anywhere else!"

Marybeth Nedrud headshot

Marybeth Nedrud, M.D., Ph.D.

Class of 2023

"I chose Duke for residency because I wanted to receive world class training in radiology and research, while working within a community that emphasizes personal health and growth. The learning environment at Duke challenges me to become a better physician on a daily basis, but also gives me the support I need to develop into a well-rounded person outside of the reading room."

Ryan Schmid headshot

Ryan Schmid, M.D.

Class of 2023

"I chose Duke for the people, who left a lasting impression on me. They were the most friendly, genuine and welcoming I had met and created a culture that I definitely wanted to work in."

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