Duke Radiology values diversity.

Each year, we are committed to welcoming a highly accomplished group of new residents, who can further enrich our community with their unique perspectives, backgrounds, and experiences. We work hard to ensure that all members of our department feel safe, welcome, and respected. Please explore our initiatives to enhance diversity and promote inclusion.

Committee on Diversity, Inclusion, and Awareness

Vision Statement

The Department of Radiology embraces and welcomes a diverse community of faculty, fellows, residents, staff, and patients. Diversity and Inclusion are important to us. With this in mind, a Committee on Diversity, Inclusion, and Awareness was formed from faculty and trainees to broaden and enhance cultural competence and to encourage and develop interpersonal relationships.


Committee Members

  • Lisa Ho, M.D., Chair, Faculty, Abdominal Imaging
  • Jay Baker, M.D., Faculty, Division Chief, Breast Imaging
  • Caroline Carrico, M.D., Faculty, Medical Student Clerkship Director, Pediatric Imaging
  • Mariana Defreitas, M.D., Resident
  • Austin Dixon, M.D., Fellow
  • Imarhia Enogieru, M.D., Resident
  • Laura Heyneman, M.D., Faculty, Assistant Residency Program Director, Division Chief, Cardiothoracic Imaging
  • Jessica Houk, M.D., Resident
  • Tracy Jaffe, M.D., Faculty, Vice Chair Clinical Affairs, Abdominal Imaging
  • Karen Johnson, M.D., Faculty, Residency Program Director, Breast Imaging
  • Connie Kim, M.D., Faculty, Breast Imaging
  • John Knight, M.D., Fellow
  • Meghana Konanur, M.D., Resident
  • Jack Mettler, M.D., Fellow
  • Dana Middleton Kerr, M.D., Resident
  • Vivian Minkemeyer, M.D., Resident
  • Marybeth Nedrud, M.D., Ph.D., Resident
  • Stephanie Peacock, M.D., Fellow
  • Mary Scott Soo, M.D., Faculty, Breast Imaging
  • Michael Taylor-Cho, M.D., Faculty, Assistant Residency Program Director, Breast Imaging
  • Sora Yoon, M.D., Faculty, Breast Imaging
2017 diversity retreat presentation

Diversity and Inclusion Retreat

Exploring & Navigating Implicit/Unconscious Bias

Dr. Ben Reese, Vice president of the Office for Institutional Equity, Duke University and Duke University Health System and Judy Seidenstein, Associate Dean and Chief Diversity Officer, Duke University School of Medicine.


Durham PRIDE

The Committee on Diversity, Inclusion, and Awareness organizes a group of faculty, residents, and fellows to march in the Durham PRIDE parade, which is hosted by Pride Durham Inc., a not-for-profit, volunteer run organization, every June.

Duke Radiologyin Durham Pride Parade

Women in Radiology

The Duke Women in Radiology group welcomes all women in the Duke Department of Radiology. Mentorship is an essential component of career growth. A core mission of the Women in Radiology Group is to foster connections among female faculty members, residents, and medical students. The group is extremely active and hosts several events throughout the year, including a holiday social, medical student mixer, and career planning question and answer panel. We are an adventurous and fun-loving group, and activities at past events have included formal dinners, axe throwing, karaoke, and a white elephant gift exchange.

Applying To Duke

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