Our Vision for Diversity

The Department of Radiology embraces and welcomes a diverse community of faculty, fellows, residents, staff, and patients. Diversity and Inclusion are important to us. With this in mind, a Committee on Inclusion and Awareness was formed from faculty and trainees to broaden and enhance cultural competence and to encourage and develop interpersonal relationships.

The Department of Radiology will continue to partner with the  Duke School of Medicine, Office of Diversity and Inclusion, and the Duke University Office of Institutional Equity to develop effective long-term strategies for improving and strengthening diversity and inclusion in our department.

Upcoming and On-Going Events & News

Educational events:

-Stephen Bogdewic, Ph.D., Executive Vice Dean for Indiana University School of Medicine, a national expert in leadership and work culture, will be coming in Oct. 2018 to give Grand Rounds on “Enhancing Professionalism. He will also give a faculty development seminar and a resident conference on “Leadership and Work Culture”.

Inclusivity events and news:

-Radiology Book Club: rotating potluck and opportunity to spend time together and discuss a good book (not Radiology) in a casual setting,  hosted by Dr. Tracy Jaffe.
-Duke Radiology Residency Retreat, on “Mindfulness and Communication,” hosted by Drs. Karen Johnson and Mary Scott Soo.

Recruitment events and news:

-“Women in Radiology” panel for Duke medical students with the aim to promote visibility of Duke women radiologists, to be hosted by Dr. Lisa Ho, Fall, 2018
-Recent publication by Duke radiologists, Drs. Sarah Cater and Lars Grimm: Cater SW, Yoon SC, Lowell DA, et. al.”Bridging the gap: identifying global trends in gender disparity among the radiology physician workforce”Academic Radiology 2018 Aug;25(8):1052-1061

Previous Events

The inaugural event of our first Radiology Book Club was a great success. Radiology faculty and residents enjoyed a fun evening at the home of Dr. Tracy Jaffe with a potluck dinner followed by a lively discourse on the New York Times best seller, “Circe” by Madeline Miller. We are looking forward to our next Radiology Book Club event in December. 


Our first  Diversity and Inclusion Retreat was held on September 19, 2017 at the JB Duke Hotel along with Dr. Ben Reese, Vice president of the Office for Institutional Equity, Duke University and Duke University Health System and Judy Seidenstein, Associate Dean and Chief Diversity Officer, Duke University School of Medicine.









Other Activities and Events