Alexandra Badea, Ph.D., Awarded Funding by the Interdisciplinary Colloquia


Alexandra Badea, Ph.D.

Alexandra Badea, Ph.D., has been selected by the Duke University School of Medicine Interdisciplinary Colloquia, as one of the 2016-2017 funding recipients. Read more about the submitted proposal Windows Into The Brain:  Brain research spans across scientific domains, and imaging is a translational tool which can help across multiple levels: 1) the development of targeted imaging probes, 2) the development of imaging methods, 3) sophisticated algorithms for univariate or multivariate analysis, and ultimately 4) interpreting those findings in the context of behavioral and physiological changes. For this interdisciplinary colloquia on translational brain imaging for neurodegenerative brain diseases we aim to help identify overlapping areas of interest, needs, and distinct expertise that researchers can synergistically contribute.